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Hi sweet friend, my name is Maria. I am the owner and cake designer of Oh Que Sweet. I live in Corpus Christi, Texas with my husband, Alex and two beautiful pups: Astro & Manu. I graduated St. Mary's University with a Bachelors in Finance & Risk Management in 2020. In 2021, I found my true passion in baking.

I love coffee... I seriously can't live without my undertow (two shots espresso, pump of vanilla+splash of half & half, YUM), I love Jesus, my favorite colors are whites, neutrals, black and I am guilty of rewatching Friends 1000000x. 

Although I am a home baker, I treat it as a store front because God willing one day it will be.  I love being in the kitchen and mixing up some recipes, as well as designing cakes. I do my best to meet all my clients, I truly believe in  providing an amazing experience from the moment you inquire until the day I deliver. 


On August 2nd, 2020 I decided to bake a Houston Astros custom cake for my boyfriend (at the time, now husband) for his birthday. Oh, what an ugly little cake but of course he was so proud of me (blinded by love). I loved the process of decorating but I am such a perfectionist and I knew that I was not good.  I remember telling my husband, that one day I will redeem myself and make him another Houston Astros Cake.

Fast forward a couple months; I decided to start selling dipped treats and as time went on clients kept asking if I made cakes. I always responded no. But finally one day, there was something in me telling me to say yes, and I did. I don't know how, I don't where the skill came from but somehow I was able to make the cake, however it did take me a VERY LONG TIME.

Many people complimented me on the cake and the word spread. Eventually, I started saying yes to all cake orders and I absolutely fell in love with the designing process of it. I never thought I would start a cake business but in October 2020, Oh Que Sweet came to life. It was then in March of 2022 that Oh Que Sweet transitioned to making only custom cakes and wedding cakes & it has been great ever since. I found a calling that I never in a million years would have thought of doing, but God had other plans for me, better ones than mine.

I specialize in bespoke buttercream wedding cakes, but of course can still create bespoke cakes for all special occasions. No matter the occasion, I do my absolute best to create a cake that taste just as good as it looks.

I can truly say my favorite occasion to make cakes for are weddings because I am able to create a friendship with the bride and groom since there is months of preparation. I know what an absolute blessing it is to have found my passion. I love every minute of it from connecting with engaged couples, getting to know their story, & what they envision for their wedding cake, and guiding them in the process to ensure it compliments well with their wedding as a whole. My favorite part is the delivery and to see their smiles when they see their vision come to life. I am truly honored to be part of one of the most important seasons in their lives. 






I am a home-based baker located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Below are the following places I have been:





San Antonio


George West

Port Aransas


Venues I have traveled to :

Rancho Cielito Lindo

Rustic Falls at Vaughn Ranch

The Courtyard at Gaslight Square

Art Center of Corpus Christi

The Ranch at San Patricio

Crystal Reception Hall

Mansion Royal

The Venue on Church Street

Z Party Upscale Event

Mansion by the Sea 

Rockport Center for the Arts


Home Based, 


To those who are new here, I am a home-based cake designer. Do not worry, I take my job very seriously & this is part of my journey to get to my overall goal: a store front. I am trustworthy, dedicated, and have the necessary certificates to operate out of my home. 
Most wedding clients will meet the inside of my home during our 1-1 consultations+tastings. But for those who don't I like to introduce my home to you. I am crazy about a clean home and kitchen, so I hope this provides you peace of mind that I operate in a clean space. I have a specific fridge dedicated to all my client orders and ingredients. I treat my kitchen as if it were a store front, making sure I follow all proper protocols and providing an exceptional service. 





Monday - Friday 
10 am - 4 pm

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